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Beard Hammer

Hi d00ds!

Do you make the Youtubes Vidyas? Do you do lp's or livestreams or whatevs? Do you in some way record while you play games (even if it's not just Minecraft on IH)?

In this section of the forums, post your latest videos! Lets try and generate some interest in our channels and spread the word about how awesome our community is! Let's check out eachother's stuff and generate some views! Do cool things! Show tutorials to help other people! Show us what you think is cool!

Here's how to post you videos:


Pls don't do it. They'll be removed. The way to get your video up here is simple. All you have to do is click the "Media" button at the top of the text box that appears after you click "Post New Thread." It's the button that looks like to pieces of film next to the picture of mountains next to the smiley face. 7th from the right. 17th from the left. Just paste the link to your video in the box that pops up after you click the "Media" button and the magic of our forums does the rest. It's EASY - PEASY, LIVIN' - GREAZY. If you can't count to 17 or even 7, it looks like this:

Again, the magic of our forums does the rest, to make your post/video look sweet.

Anything about game-related YouTube videos goes in here! Especially if it's user-created (like by a member of our awesome IH community). This is NOT a section to post a link to your favorite SkyDoesWhatever or PooPie or EthosNore or whatever videos. Post stuff you made. Ask players that post to make you a tutorial vid. Whatever. Let's keep it about us. Oh rly u livestream? Sweeze. Post that action here too. Use the Minecraft Lounge section of the forums to show other links.

Oh, and remember there are younger people on our server. Try not to link to mature content. Swearing is one thing... Give us a heads up if there is some more mature content in the post please!

Oh and pls no spammin' or begging for subs views.

Thanks D00ds! Play games, have fun, and make vids!
Well ever time I do record my hard drive start sounding like a race car
Could you be more specific? Like what noise does it make? And when? On startup? During normal use? Is it an old Hard drive?
If it's an old hard drive it might have come to the end of its life. I would seriously consider buying another hard drive and cloning your old hard drive to it. If it goes, it's too late. Better safe than sorry.