New Original Content INCOMING!


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Wassup D00ds!

Check the trailer below for the first part of a massive release of completely original custom content created by us for you d00ds to enjoy! It's a series of new maps/dungeons/minigames/more for you guys to have fun with, and we've been working on it for a while, building it from the ground up from scratch (except for a few plugins - though we created a few custom plugins ourselves to make it work!)!

There's tons more to tell you guys about with regard to the overall content release and I'll have larger post describing it ALL in great detail when this map goes live (which will be VERY SOON).

So without further ado, and in the interest of conducting HYPE TRAINS, let it roll:

Ask any questions below, but remember, a more detailed post is coming soon so I/other staff may just reply with "[you're gonna have to wait]." But feel free, as always, to ask away.

Thanks D00ds, and stay tuned!


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Beard Hammer
I cant wait to see the new custom mobs and how easy theyll be to kill using mcmmo. Otherwise very pumped for the update.
Awesome, glad to hear you're excited! We did extensive testing of the mobs and difficulty settings.

I won't ruin it for you, but I will say that you should take a second to make sure you're prepared. Sprinting through to the end of the map is do-able with only a few friends, if not solo if you're very well equipped. Having anything to show for it (like items or Era), is another story. Good luck!


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Every night we've been testing this dungeon and boy oh boy, this is fun. It's going to be challenging though. Still working out a few bugs here and there but we'll be ready for an epic release soon! More teasers to come!