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Beard Hammer
Hey D00ds! So here's my stuff...

YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheeRealDuke
Twitch, for livestreams: www.twitch.tv/TheeRealDuke

I like doing Let's Builds, Let's Plays, and of course the server build challenge judging. I recently just started a LP for a game called Starbound. It's in Beta still, but it shows huge promise. It's like Terraria, but it's in space, with spaceships, and an infinite number of worlds to explore. There's more to see, much more to do, and all without having to grind out strip-mines! It's sweet.

I have new videos coming out about 5 days a week, not including server contest videos (which makes for about a video a day when we're in build challenge seasons...).

I try to keep my videos entertaining, short, useful, and funny. I'm having a good time making them and I hope that comes across in the videos.

I recorded the building process behind the Admin Shops (soon to be released) on our server, and it's spread across 3 videos:

As more of my videos go up, I'll post them here. As yours go up you should too! WEWT!