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I spent about two months working on this. Two months being that I played
games rather than actually put it together. In the long run, I ended up making
small changes as each day passed on. Well, minor changes that lead to
a lot of second guessing. Frustration. Y'know...the works.


Such a struggle.

Anyway here it is.

Tell me what you think. I feel like it's my personal best. I love messing with
renders. This particular render is from Final Fantasy. I think. I forget.

Hope you all like it.

Also. My new slogan is "IT'S NOT WHAT YOU THINK". Actually there's a poem
on that. We'll get to it later though.

| Background mishaps |
All right, for Art enthusiasts only, as this information is rather useless to those
who don't really care much for the specifics...

The original background for this piece was a transparent black box which I believe
was around the size of 600x250 as a base template of about 45%. The reason why
the final edit has a solid blue tint instead is due to the transparency getting disrupted
by the Infinite Heights background color: White.

To say it in smaller, basic terms, the white background on the page didn't fair well with
the transparent background on the signature. If you mix white behind a 45% transparent
black background, you'll get a very brightened gray color. So my original idea was canceled
out due to this situation. But, rather than scrapping the whole idea I messed with darker shaded
blues (which the whole piece revolves around) to a new background color that didn't take too
much away from the original idea.

So rather than manually trying to get a color that would suit the whole signature while fighting
off the white colors on the website page I decided to just use a darkened preset using HTML
colors or Hex Codes.

Blue HTML Code: 0074da
H: 208
S: 100
V: 86
R: 0
G: 116
B: 218

Then filtered it.

| The render and lines |
As I said above the render (render = picture) used in this signature is from Final Fantasy. I
chose her because of her pose. She's reaching out for something (you'll see that a lot in FF).

So in this piece, I wanted her to reach out to you guys. My new Minecraft username is now
EmbraceCake so I wanted the render to reach out to you guys so that you would be able to
EmbraceCake as well.

An easy trick that anyone can do and doesn't require much manipulation knowledge is to
have parts of the images go outside of your frame. As I said above, my frame started out
as 600x250 which increased to 623x253 due to the girl's shirt to left and the 3D pixel bars
at the bottom.

Width: 623
Height 253

Frame: 600xWidth 250xHeight

The problem I faced getting this to work was that I already layers that were finalized before
even getting the girl into the picture. Rather than re-making everything from scratch I had
to duplicate her (make a copy) and erase parts of her body from the clone so that the original
wouldn't cover parts of the signature towards the borders.

All I wanted was to have her robe go past the edge of the border without me putting the frame
over her. So like cutting her excess robe parts and making her a bit static than dynamic.

| The borders |
Borders in any signature that you want to create are a must. It separates the website page colors
from even touching your picture. To reference this in real life terms...

Imagine having a poster of your favorite car. You're going to either pin it on the corners, use
clear tape like Skotch, or roll pieces of tape on the non-sticky sides so it'd work a bit like glue
without damaging your surfaces. It looks decent right? But what if it was framed. Nothing too
dramatic like the Mona Lisa or paintings in general, but something solid and simple to your
liking. It stands out and it's not just an ordinary poster on your wall.

That's what borders can do in graphic design.

Here's the catch. Most borders just outline the contents within. Picture drawing a smiley
face on a piece of paper, then putting a rectangle around it, and coloring the contents within
the rectangle without interfering the smiley face.

That's the concept I'm trying to explain in words.

But, that's just one kind of border. People do these creative frames that they either hand
draw or forge themselves. I pixeled my border frame by pixel (about 250 mouse clicks).
Then added clouds within each one. Changed the overall color of the clouds to 208 (blue).
And filtered them.

If you look closely. You can see the clouds in the top left. With the sky visible too.

Another thing to note. Most signatures have the border go all around the contents. Usually
that's the rule I abide by but in this piece I only wanted some areas to have the border line.

It looks good if you randomize it. It makes your creativity/imagination a unique one.

| The text |
The font is called: Cocktail Shaker
I did pay for it. It can be found/bought at:

You can probably find a free download somewhere. But I'm not into getting copyrighted for
something small like commercial fonts. So $39 is a small price to pay for something I can use
for a lifetime.

"EmbraceCake" was thrown into white at 30% transparency. Cloned it. Second copy at 5%.

| The background |
Okay so behind the girl I have this abstract structure that wraps all around her. Using
the ability to rotate things with ease I had it positioned to be diagonal from top left to bottom
middle of the frame. It's a darker blue than the HTML I used or H: 208 but it still in the blue
color tree. I just don't remember what I used. Filtered that.

The overall background has this kind of spacial atmosphere. So I wanted to throw in anything
that could keep it in that theme without taking too much from it at the same time. You know
me. I love my lines and shapes. You'll see them in every signature. So there's not much to say
about them here. Filtered them. Kept at H: 208 or 0074da HTML.


If you guys remember my [Emerald] signature. I made a new one to represent Diamond
without having the [Diamond] text in it. I just used the exact HTML notation use for the
forum ranks.

HTML: 27cece

Filtered everything. White transparent border all around the frame.


Containing my slogan using Sans Bold font at 20xPixels.
Transparency: 30%.

Simple stuff!​
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