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By TelekineticLlama on Jan 5, 2017 at 7:39 PM
  1. TelekineticLlama

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    Aug 1, 2012
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    In case you missed the whole adventure update, check out the release post and FAQ here:

    What's up, d00ds? The Infinite Heights Adventures are making their comeback. We're all pretty excited that the IH Adventure project will be continuing with new dungeons and quests soon, but for now, here's a little bug fix and some rebalances to whet your palate.

    IH Adventure Project Changelog [1/5/2017]
    >> Reduced entry cost for dungeons ($500 -> $250)
    >> Reduced difficulty of Shimmerleaf Grove (All mobs have had their Max HP and MoveSpeed reduced)
    >> Reduced spawn rates of mobs in Instances
    >> Removed Shimmerleaf Grove kill quests
    >> Removed [Repair Station] signs
    >> Reduced repair costs of instance equipment (Tier 6 – Tier 8 specifically)
    >> Reduced difficulty of Rescue the Druid quest parkour
    >> Reduced difficulty of hidden parkour puzzle
    >> Added a new quest menu for Shimmerleaf Grove accessible from [Quest NPC] Piper's Sentry
    >> Added Shimmerleaf Grove Research Expedition (I-IV) Quests
    >> Added new loot tables in Shimmerleaf Grove to each mob for the new quests
    >> Added useful information to the [Help Board]
    >> Added proper hologram for repair costs at the [Repair Station]
    >> Added new tools to the [Tool Tinkerer]
    >> Added new totem item to the [Trinket Trader]
    >> Moved [Gate Keeper] Riley closer to camp
    >> Changed [Quest NPC] Piper's Sentry's skin
    >> Sahara was erased...

    For next IH Adventure Project Update we will be working on the following:
    > New dungeon
    > New quests
    > Weekly PVE Events
    > Era-Tech Training Facility
    > Small PVP Arena
    > Trophy Quests
    > More potions and trinkets
    > Enable MobHunter in Instances

    Message from the creators:
    We apologize for the wait for content being delivered to you d00ds. There were a lot of delays due to private issues and inactivity to work on this gigantic project. We will be continuing to release awesome new content and adventures for you guys. Thank you all for your patience and continued support to the server.

    Explore, discover, and have fun D00ds! Let us know what you think!
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