InfiniteHeights Rules

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InfiniteHeights Team

This is a list of rules you must follow in order to be able to play on our server. By playing on InfiniteHeights, you acknowledge you have read and agree to abide by these rules. All of these rules apply to InfiniteHeights Servers, and the community forums. Chat rules apply to all forms of chat systems currently active including party chat; private chat; and forum conversations, threads, and posts. The consequences of breaking any of these rules will result in your account being banned.

The Administrative Team of InfiniteHeights has the right to change/modify/remove/add these rules at any time. It is your responsibility as a member of the community to stay up to date on the rules.

Respect All Members

Respecting all players in the community is essential to a community harmony. Please be respectful to everyone in-game, whether publicly or privately. Respect each other on the forums by not posting anything that could hurt someone’s feelings.

The following are not allowed anywhere in the InfiniteHeights Community:
- Sexism
- Racism
- Disrespectful remarks about disabilities
- Disrespectful remarks about age
- Any discussion about religion
- Any discussion about politics
- Any other forms of discrimination, hateful speech, or harassment.

Respect All Staff Members

Any and all decisions made by the InfiniteHeights Staff Team are final. Arguing with the judgement of our staff is not necessary, so please do not do it. However, if you feel as though a member of the Staff Team is being abusive or disrespectful, you are encouraged to contact an Administrator by creating a Report on the forums or messaging one privately.

Chat Discussion

Everyone likes to socialize, and maintaining an environment in which everyone feels welcome and confident to contribute is extremely important in a community.

While it is not mandatory that you speak English in public chat, any violation of chat rules in a different language will not be tolerated and the violator(s) punished. We do recommend speaking in English while speaking to a staff member as they may not be fluent in your language and may not be able to help you. We also please ask that you do not talk about other banned players, or about what they may have been banned for; bans are a private matter and should only be the concern of staff members and those involved. Global chat is also not the appropriate forum for a ban appeal to take place, or for any discussion about a ban.

Spam and Excessive Usage of Capitalized Letters

Any and all forms of spam are forbidden. Spam includes, but is not limited to, posting identical/similar messages in rapid succession or messages that contain all/significant amount of capitalized letters. Spam on the forums is not allowed. The poster’s account will be suspended or banned from the site entirely.

Inappropriate and Profane Language

Any and all forms of inappropriate or profane messages in chat are not permitted. Any and all forms of swearing are not allowed. This includes content on signs, names of animals/pets, nicknames, messages in chat, and messages on the forums.

Inappropriate Usernames and Account Content

Any accounts with usernames deemed inappropriate by the Staff Team (containing offensive language, sexual words/topics, bad words in other languages), either in-game, on the forums will be banned. The InfiniteHeights community is family friendly.

Inappropriate account content includes skins and capes. Any skins or capes that are inappropriate, contain sexually explicit content are forbidden. Anyone with an account that contains this inappropriate content will be warned by a staff member to change their skin/cape. If the account owner does not change their skin, the account will be banned.

Cheating, Exploiting Bugs/Glitches, Hacked Clients

Cheating in any form will have your account banned. The following are not allowed:
- Any type or form of Hacked Client that gives you an unfair advantage over other players.
- Using any mods that are not on our Official List of Approved Mods.
- Exploiting any kind of Bugs or Glitches. If you think that something shouldn’t be happening or is broken, do not exploit it and report it on the Server Suggestions and Bugs section of the forums.

Usage of Client Mods

The usage of client mods on InfiniteHeights is allowed but any modifications that are not on our approved list are not allowed. Please be sure to view the Official List of Approved Mods.

Inappropriate Builds/Content

Any offensive, discriminatory, inappropriate builds including building, signs, are not allowed. You will be asked to remove the content by a staff member and you will be banned if you fail to do so.

Impersonation of Other Members

The impersonation of any member is strictly forbidden. Tricking or giving someone the impression that you are a member of the Staff Team is not taken lightly. If you witness or suspect anyone impersonating a member of the Staff Team, take screenshots, and Report them on the forums immediately.

The key to knowing who is actually a member of the Staff Team is to look at the colored prefix before their username in game or their banner under their username on the forums.

The users with the following prefixes and banners are staff members:
- [Helper]
- [Mod]
- [Admin]

Your Account, Your Responsibility

It is important to make sure that your account is secure. You are responsible for any violated rules that occur under your name. Whether it be friends, family members, or a random person who has access to your account, you are responsible. Punishment is given to the account itself, not the person responsible.

Advertising is not Allowed

Advertising any other servers on InfiniteHeights, in any form, is forbidden. Whether it be through conversation in chat, publicly or privately, on the forums, through nicknames/pet names, on signs, or in any other form, is strictly prohibited.

In-Game Actions that are not Allowed

The following is a list of actions that are not allowed in game while playing on InfiniteHeights:
- Do not grief players in any way(this includes any build unclaimed as well).
- Do not steal from players in any way.
- Do not scam players in any way.
- Do not kill, or troll other players in any way.
- Do not excessively mine the surface areas in mesa/Ice Spike biomes in the over world. Please take advantage of /farm for gathering surface materials.
- Do not beg for items from other players.
- Do not create player traps.
- Do not lure players into any dangerous areas.
- Do not claim property if there is clearly someone living in that area.
- Do not build directly next to someone unless you have their permission. Keep a minimum of 75 blocks away and check your surroundings before settling on a place to build.
- Do not rename mob/player heads with different names and auction them.
- Do not afk fish or utilize any sort of botting.

These rules go hand in hand with the Respect All Members and Respect All Staff rules. You should always respect other members’ property and belongings. If you think you shouldn’t be doing it, you are most likely correct. Respecting other people’s property makes our job a lot easier and keeps our community great.

Rules continued below:

InfiniteHeights Team

Rules about Mini-Modding

Mini-modding is a term used to describe when a player attempts to act on behalf of a staff member by telling other players what to do or attempting to enforce the rules. There are a couple of reasons why these situations can occur so we will cover them in this section of the rules.

For example, a player may see someone breaking a rule and immediately think to themselves “I should remind them about the rules they are breaking.” Often times a player could send a message in chat that contains a lot of capital letters, bad words, advertising, or something else that violates the rules. In a scenario involving capital letters, players see this and send “caps” in chat in an attempt to remind the rule breaker that they are doing something wrong. This is not the right way to go about handling this situation. The most helpful way would be to wait a short period of time, maximum of one minute, as a staff member could be handling the situation. If no one has done anything and the rule breaker continues spamming capital letters, take a screenshot (F2 button by default) and /msg a staff member, submit a /ticket, or create a Report on the forums with a link to the screenshot. This way if there were no staff available at the time, they would have a record of the rule breaker and issue the correct punishment.

In another situation, a player is asking for help regarding a problem they are having. If a staff member is online, they will answer the player’s question. If there are no staff members available or they are AFK, you have two options and we will cover them next. While we appreciate players who try to be helpful, there are right ways to go about helping. Therefore, if you know the answer you can kindly help them, if you don’t know the answer don’t give them an incorrect answer or one that does not help them. Kindly direct them to /msg a moderator, submit a /ticket, or post their question on the forums.

One thing we look at when looking for staff members is how helpful a player can be to the community. Now you may be thinking, “How can I help players when I’m not supposed to if staff are online?” The correct way to go about being helpful is to assist players with smaller questions when a staff member is busy or away with correct information. You can also impress the staff team by reporting any rule breakers on the forums and by being on TeamSpeak frequently. You will not impress the staff team if you race to try and help someone when a staff member could be already assisting the individual. If a staff member asks you to ease up on the amount of help you are offering, don’t be upset! They appreciate your efforts, but there are times when they can use the help and there are times when they can handle the situation.

The main thing to avoid while trying to impress staff members is not to try and help players to the point where you are taking their jobs and to not be too obvious that you want a position, they will find this annoying. The staff team is a large group of friends who work well together and if they think that you will cause tension or friction between the team members, they will not approve of your application to become a staff member. It is essential for all team members to be able to work well together and if they feel they will not be able to work well with someone, they will not be eligible for a staff position.

As a reminder, the rules of InfiniteHeights are subject to change at any time. The InfiniteHeights Administration reserves the right to modify, add, or remove any of our rules or policies at any time with or without notice.

Thank you for taking the time to read our rules, and please enjoy your time on InfiniteHeights.
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