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By TelekineticLlama on Jan 1, 2016 at 10:53 PM
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    The Floating Island of Icefell


    Hey d00ds! It's been a while since our last event. Once again, we kicked it up a notch even further with our brand new Winter 2016 event. The people of Icefell village are in need of our help! They face total destruction due to a curse placed upon them 6 years ago. Unravel the mysteries behind Icefell Island with your friends in this epic adventure. Let the mayhem begin!

    6 years ago, a mysterious ice dragon named Trextex had descended upon Icefell Island to wreak havoc and destruction. He would have succeeded had it not been for the cursed one dwelling in the mountains. Jessý the mirror witch. Though she had been outcast from the village, she loved her home. She sealed Trextex, the dragon, away at the cost of her soul. Her curse became the town's and thus the villagers had to pay tribute to her lost soul or they would pay the ultimate price...

    Your mission is to investigate the island and find a way to lift the curse to save Icefell.

    Event Duration
    The event will be held from January until the end of February. During the beginning of February, the credits will be available to teleport to via The Frozen Opossum Tavern & Inn.

    Important Things to Know
    • Almost all mobs drop Winter 2016 Vouchers in this world. You can exchanged them for prizes.
    • This event is HARD!!!!!!!! Work together as much as possible. You will most likely not be able to complete the event solo.
    • To enter the event area, go to the Event section at spawn, or type "/warp event".
    • Any items lost during the event will not be replaced. This includes the items lost in the PVP region. (You will be notified when you enter the PVP region.)
    • PVP rules apply only in the PVP area. Any sort of sabotage outside the PVP area is NOT tolerated.
    • Any bugs & exploits must be reported. Anyone caught taking advantage of such things will be banned.
    • Almost all NPCs talk! Hit the stone button on the ground in front of them!
    • Be sure to share the Event Reward NPCs. Do not AFK while having their GUI open.
    • To leave the event area, simply type /spawn
    • Your event inventory is shared with your survival inventory.
    • Have fun!


    Kase and Kent are travelling merchants that happened upon Icefell Island. You can find them at The Frozen Opossum Tavern & Inn.

    Some High T
    ier rewards include:




    And so much more!

    Special Thanks
    @Disc - Code
    @HarshMM - Redstone
    @Zencros - Rewards

    @Reeses - Rewards
    @Corellia - Rewards
    @TheeRealDuke - Promotions

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