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Hey d00ds! Some of you may have heard that I zeroed out my balance on IH and started again. I'm building an Asian-themed village called Ishiyama (Stone Mountain in Japanese), and if you're down with that style of building, I'd love for you to join us and build along! I have a massive region (that I'm going to trim down soon) and it's clearly visible on the livemap. Head over to it and check out the styles for buildings I've got going on. If you can match my style (or get close and we can work on it together to bring it in line with that style), let me know in the comments below! I'm recording it as a LP on the YouTubes.

Trying to do the following with the LP:
  • Showcase a good build and good builders on our server, on YouTube
  • Answer that age-old new player question: how do I make money here?
  • Give away all the tips I can think of for how to do that, primarily featuring simple tutorials about McMMO.
So far, so good. Style is set up, money is flowing in (slowly). Now it's time to call in our community of awesome builders here on IH and let them at it!

There's just a few conditions though...
I need the builds to fit the style, level of authenticity, and detail I'm working on. You need to have a similar or greater level of detail as the builds I'm showing OR be ok if I make small adjustments to pick up that level of detail just a bit. I will never take credit for your build and it will always have your name on it (even if I tweak it a bit). I'll give you a shout out and feature your build in the next available LP video and link them all in this section. I'll never touch your build or make changes without your permission, but by the same token, if it's not up to what we're looking for and we can't adjust it, we'll give you some tips to pick it up a bit before we bring it in.

Here are some reference photos (with Sildur's Shaders on for coolness):

So that's what we're going for. Head over to the region on the map and set a home if you'd like to keep tabs on development. I'll ask Disc nicely to set a warp there to make it easier for the community to participate. If you'd like to try and get a build in with us, here's how to do it:

1. Check out the videos and see what I'm trying to do, so we can all be on the same page.
2. Go to my region and check out the style up close to see what I'm doing.
3. Try and build something small on your own to get familiar with the style.
4. Build something cool and screenshot that action!
5. Use an image hosting site like photobucket or tinypic or gyazo or whatever and upload your screenshot there so we can see it!
6. Post the link here along with the coordinates of the build (hit F3 and list the x,y,z!), and what you'd like to do if we get you into Ishiyama!

Anyone that posts the actual image by uploading it to our forums here on IH will have the post edited and the photo deleted. They take up lots of space on our forums HD's and we can't afford to do that so please use an image hosting service. If you're not sure, just ask, lots of people can help you!

All the builds in Ishiyama are legit. I'm recording timelapse let's builds as well. Builds you plan on submitting/building there must be built legit by you as well, materials/creative mode will not be given.

Join us! Build something amazing with us! Feel free to ask any questions below, check back often for updates and new episodes!

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Hey d00ds! We are currently looking for farmhouses! @AyDrin built an incredible one with rice (wheat) paddys just off the North wall of my first Island in Ishiyama! Check it out for inspiration (it's in the photos in the op).

coords: X:-2657 Y:78 Z:-125

or for ideas:


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I cant build good interiors, but when it comes to exteriors, im awesome
You've seen my builds :D

Actual build is more updated

Oh, and i just looked up "feudal Japanese architecture" on Google :D
DISCLAIMER: build to the left, is not mine...

COORDS: x-1654 z-173 (y-164)
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Dude thats sweet. Had no idea you were doing this.
All good! you been busy lately with school. I didn't want to drop it on you and have you be like "i have too much to do but ehhhmmmmeeeeeewwwwweaahinecraft!" It's gonna take a while. Hurry up and be done with finals. and get Nevamore back too.


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Can I join you guys in the building thing? I may be able to learn some cool building techniques. Not saying that I'm bad, but I definitely need to improve XD

PS Great series so far Duke


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When visiting a Japanese temple, you have to wash your hands and mouth first
I didn't build this in MC cuz my laptops being stupid
Hope this helps!