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I just wanted to list all the updates that I've finished in the past week or so and give you all an idea of what is being planned for the server in the near future.

Game Server Updates
  • All plugins updated to their latest versions. *finally*
  • Essentials has now replaced CommandBook as the general plugin on the server.
  • mcMMO bugs have now been completely fixed.
  • Multiworld plugin added, farm world implemented and ready to be used.
  • Server spawn is now ready for use, everything is functioning properly. Thank the builders, they did a wonderful job. :]
  • More miscellaneous and behind the scenes changes that I don't feel like typing out.
Website Updates
  • Site was moved to a different host.
  • Forum software re-installed to fix the bug that the site was not sending emails or was sending bad confirmation links.
  • Purchased a new add-on for XenForo that allows the user to rate posts with more than just a "like". (Supposed to increase forum usage. *I hope*)
  • Website theme finalized, may change later on in the coming months.
  • Username colours, banners, ribbons and more are now complete.
  • Voting page has been updated with the current voting sites we support.
  • Donation page completely redone, much easier to see rank progression.
  • Server Connection Information page added, shows the Minecraft server IP as well as the Teamspeak 3 IP.
To-Do List
  • Find a way to be able to rent separate house regions inside the spawn region without having to redefine them.
  • Set /warp wild1,2,3,4 warps and create small buildings for them.
  • Finalize settings and pages on website.
  • Begin to advertise the server on PlanetMinecraft and a few other sites.
  • More miscellaneous updates that are too unimportant to type out. (Or you can't know about) :p
If you think something needs to be added to this list or if there are some things you think should be added to the server please let me know.

Today I have completely fixed all issues regarding the website, sign ups, emails, bugs and more. Sadly, I've had to do a fresh install of the software we run so that means that everyone has to re-register. (At least you can confirm your account now..) You may notice a few new features which I have purchased in hopes of making the forums a more useful place and more user interactive. You are now able to rate posts rather than "like" them, you may also create spoilers.


Along with these changes, a few miscellaneous and behind the scenes things have been changed. I hope you enjoy the website now.



PS. Hit those rate buttons!
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