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Hey d00ds!

Today I have an exciting update for everyone! As you're all aware we have had to make some changes to the server regarding ranks because we became EULA compliant. I'm now going to introduce the new perks and changes for donors that everyone has been so patiently waiting for!

Donor Ranks
There are now two different rank ladders, Old Ranks and New Ranks.
  • Old Ranks are for everyone that purchased a rank before we became EULA compliant.
  • New Ranks are for everyone that has purchased a rank after we became EULA compliant.
  • Any* game changing perks that the Old Ranks had are available for free as Tier perks. Increasing your Tier will unlock these perks. *not /fly
  • All of the cosmetics that were available with Tier ranks have been moved to the New Ranks.
  • All of the Old Ranks have permission to the New Rank's equivalent perks. So if you were an "Old" Emerald rank, you now have access to all the features currently listed for the "New" Emerald Rank.
  • The New Ranks are completely EULA compliant and we have come up with some awesome cosmetics for these ranks.
Tier Ranks
Tier Ranks have changed, as mentioned above, to include the Old Donor Rank perks. You can view the perks Tier Ranks unlock here.

We wanted to make a change that would give everyone access to certain features on the server for a period of time. Boosters will be active right after a purchase is made and will give everyone a certain ability or permission for a command for a period of time. The Booster can be purchased right after the previous one expires.

Fly Booster
In order to make sure that everyone has access to /fly, we have made it a Booster that can be purchased at one week intervals for $50. During that week everyone will...
Update: All of our IP addresses have been removed from the blacklist!

Hey d00ds!

We got the go ahead from Mojang that we are now EULA compliant! We will be removed from the blacklist in a few days time according to their email. They also allowed me to give everyone another IP to join with in the meantime.

For now you can join with the IP: play.infiniteheightsmc.com

I know everyone has been patiently waiting for us to release information on ranks and EULA compliant features. We are going to release a post soon but right now our priority is getting everyone back online!

The server has also been updated to 1.9.4! With 1.9.4 came a few changes that were unexpected so we will have to deal with a few bugs here and there for the next few days while plugins are being updated. You will still be able to join with any version of 1.9. Below you will find a list of everything that currently is bugged. Please report any bugs you may find with this update and we will try our best to resolve them as quickly as possible.

Current Issues

- Disguises are disabled
- Virtual Tools are disabled
- /random and /wild are broken, use /rtp or /rtp farm if in the farm world
- Clicking on NPC's is buggy
- Elytra flight is still choppy
- Mob count is still somewhat low

Thank you everyone for being so patient with us during this process.

UPDATE: You may now join the server with the IP play.infiniteheightsmc.com and resume playing! play.ih-mc.com will be unblocked in a few days.


We want to clear up any confusion regarding the recent questions we have been receiving about Mojang’s EULA (End User License Agreement), the server blacklist, and how it will affect InfiniteHeights. If you haven’t found out already, Mojang is enforcing their terms by blocking servers that violate the EULA in the upcoming version of Minecraft, version 1.9.3. This would mean that as of 1.9.3, you will no longer be able to connect to InfiniteHeights until our Server Store and server is EULA compliant.

For anyone who does not know, the EULA is in simplest terms, Mojang’s Terms and Conditions that need to be followed while playing their game, using their content, and what servers can and cannot do in terms of monetization. The EULA states that all things that can be purchased must be cosmetic or must benefit the server as a whole, rather than having individual, game-changing perks for your personal use.

What we understand so far is our server is one of the first to be on the blacklist. I personally was not contacted by Mojang at our contact email and not at any of my emails that could be publicly available to Mojang. I searched for quite a while and was unable to find any sort of warning, so this came as sort of a shock to the staff. We may be the first but there are many servers that have been reported. A list composed of roughly 15.4 thousand servers is located here: https://git.aperture.lol/projects/MOJANG/repos/blockedservers/browse/deleted-dict.txt and it is believed that list is the list of reported servers which may be contacted by Mojang.

Our plan is simple. As we do not wish to violate the EULA and have the server blocked, we will be changing the way the ranks work on the server and the server store to be purely cosmetic. We have...
Hey d00ds!

I wanted to bring to light about why there have not been any Build Challenges lately. As a disclaimer, we feel that our community is in a great position right now, better than it has been in a long time. Everyone is happily playing without worry and it pleases us to know that you're enjoying the community we've tried to create.

Now on to the topic of Build Challenges. As many of you have pointed out, Build Challenges have appeared to have stopped and the common question we have received is "Why?". A few weeks ago while we were in the thick of creating all of the content for you guys, Duke had some IRL family responsibilities that required him to be away from the server for a while. This meant that he had to postpone the judging for the PAC. Once he returned, he notified the staff that he had received some very disrespectful messages from an anonymous individual. Between the profanity and hatespeech, the individual called Duke out on the fact that the Build Challenges were the only way to make easy money on IH and that he was the "worst staff member" because he hadn't done the judging yet. Being an adult with a family, those are always first priority. Not some Build Challenge. Everyone gets busy and has to step away for a while to focus on more important things than a game.

So why is this a problem? Well the individual also explained that the majority of the server thinks that Duke is the "laziest staff member". Let's get one thing straight. There is no "worst staff member". Each staff role has different duties and all of the staff here are wonderful. All of the Admins invest countless hours into creating and building our community. All of our Moderators invest countless hours into keeping our community clean and allowing you to play without being disturbed by hackers/griefers/disrespectful people. I think we can all agree that this individual does not understand our community very well.

@TheeRealDuke has created the Build...
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