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It's HERE!
What's here? In case you missed it: http://goo.gl/pbMMDi

Ok it's official, the release is here! We're excited for you to try it and experience what we have in store. We would like to release this and have everyone get used to it, and then get some feedback about steering it into the future. As stated before (around, various places), there's so much more in store so keep that in mind - we're taking this some place.

Have fun exploring the map we have for you - it's small, it's a beginner map, we know. Keep in mind, again, this is the first step on a hopefully deep journey... a Saga. There's secrets in it, exploring will be rewarded. If you find something that doesn't make sense to you, obviously ask. Check the FAQ I'm including as the first reply to this post for answers to all of the questions we could think of. They're not just one-word answers, they include some reasoning and logic we used to make the decisions. If there's something related to a plugin being broken or something not working, and it's also something not answered in this FAQ definitely ask! We may have missed stuff somewhere. We DID put a lot of time into this though, so before you start asking why things are balanced how they are, or making suggestions, remember, things are the way they are for a reason - you're only seeing the most basic introductory step in an extremely long journey. More maps are going to be released shortly. There is a full-on everything-you-need-to-know guide written by @Itacelis that's on it's way and will be added here when it's ready.

There is a custom and unique crafting experience that's part of the Adventure Update we've built. I think it makes total sense and is obvious, but maybe not everyone does, and that's ok. To make explaining it even easier, I made a short...

Wassup D00ds!

Check the trailer below for the first part of a massive release of completely original custom content created by us for you d00ds to enjoy! It's a series of new maps/dungeons/minigames/more for you guys to have fun with, and we've been working on it for a while, building it from the ground up from scratch (except for a few plugins - though we created a few custom plugins ourselves to make it work!)!

There's tons more to tell you guys about with regard to the overall content release and I'll have larger post describing it ALL in great detail when this map goes live (which will be VERY SOON).

So without further ado, and in the interest of conducting HYPE TRAINS, let it roll:

Ask any questions below, but remember, a more detailed post is coming soon so I/other staff may just reply with "[you're gonna have to wait]." But feel free, as always, to ask away.

Thanks D00ds, and stay tuned!


Shortened URL:http://goo.gl/pbMMDi
Introducing Player Warps

Player Warps give you the ability to create warps to any location you desire in the main world. Whether it be your shop, a mall, or an awesome build of yours, you now have the ability to create warps!

To get started, just use the command /warp. It will bring up a menu which you can browse other player's warps or create one of your own. Create one of your own by clicking on the paper in the My Warps section. Remember that creating a warp costs $10000 of in-game money!


By default you may create a maximum of 2 warps right now, however this limit may be increased in the future. You can also edit the settings of the warp by shift clicking on the warp in the My Warps menu. Iron Rank and up can also change the color of the name and description to make it a little fancier and stand out more. Any edits to the warp cost a small fee of around $25 of in-game money just to limit how often people make changes.


New Emotes

Some new emotes have been added! These include Goofy, Love, Deal With It, RIP, Dizzy, Spicy, Sun Tan, and Relax!

Gold: Deal With It
Emerald: Dizzy, RIP
Diamond: Spicy, Love
Obsidian: Sun Tan, Relax

(Yes I got burnt)
As with any updates, be sure to submit bug reports either on the forums or in a /ticket! We've got an exciting lineup of truly awesome content ahead this summer. Thanks for being awesome d00ds and stay tuned!

- Disc
Sponsor Rank

The Sponsor Rank is subscription-based rank that will allow you to support InfiniteHeights monthly. This rank has been introduced for those who wish to give a little extra every month to show their appreciation for InfiniteHeights. The monthly subscription starts at just $5 however you have the option to contribute a larger amount monthly if you wish. You may specify the amount at checkout.

In return, you will unlock the ability to set exclusive icons that will appear in front of your name in chat. Right now there are 22 icons to choose from and we will gladly take suggestions for icons to be added in the future. This will be our way to say thank you for your monthly contributions.

If you are interested in subscribing or want to learn more about the Sponsor Rank, you can head over to the store here: store.infiniteheightsmc.com

World Download

The old world is now available for download. You can find the link in the attachment below. Please be aware that the file is very large. We aren't responsible if the world takes up too much space on your computer or if it can't load properly. Once downloaded you can copy it into your saves folder for Minecraft. It's recommended that you find the area you wish to keep and copy it into a brand new world with MCEdit using the same seed: -228232011773992894.

Other Changes/Fixes

  • Auction start fees now are only $5 instead of $25
  • Killing players in the PvP arena will no longer steal money from them
  • Support for InvTweaks has been added and added to the list of approved mods
  • Tab list has been updated to show appropriate ranks
  • Server now supports 1.9.4 completely...
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