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Hi everyone!

I've gotten lots of feedback about how the price of the Fly Boost is too much for one person to handle on a weekly basis. With Mojang's EULA it's difficult to offer /fly for everyone any other way other than selling it as a global boost. I've emailed Buycraft numerous times asking them to create a way for servers to sell perks that can be funded by multiple people (group payments). They said they would work on it months ago but I never saw anything being worked on/talked about in respect to this idea. So I created my own!

Now introducing Group Pay! You can now contribute towards the weekly Fly Boost with however much you wish to spend. Once the total cost has been covered, everyone can fly for a week.

If you wish to help everyone fly on the server, you can visit the store page below. Just select the Fly Boost Group Payment package and enter in whatever amount you wish. If your payment exceeds the total amount needed, the difference goes towards the following week!

In addition, I'd like to send a big thank you to @Chris11MC who has solely purchased many Fly Boosts for everyone. His generosity is what is keeping us up and running and I hope that with this addition, more people will do the same. So, thank you @Chris11MC. :)

- Disc

Today I bring to you the release of something new for the server store! I've realized that the store itself hasn't been very appealing lately so I've come up with some new fancy rewards. This addition was based on the suggestion made by @xChesirex and the rewards based on a suggestion by @one_letter_shor.

Today's addition is a new format I will be testing for delivering some sweet loot to your inventories! If it is successful and liked by the majority of the community, I'll restructure most of the rewards on the server so they are in the same format. I feel like the current ways we give rewards are a bit messy and could use some organization to make them less confusing!

These crates are not crates you receive. Instead, a Legendary Crate may only be opened if you have a Legendary Key. Currently there are only two ways to receive a key, from the store or as a reward from a Vote Crate. The crates contain awesome rewards but I'm open to suggestions! These Keys have replaced Enhanced Vote Crates in the store for now. They may be added again at a later date, however you may still open them if you have any left!

How to see rewards?
a Legendary Crate at spawn.

How to open a crate?
a Legendary Crate at spawn.

Where can I buy a Legendary Key?
Store Link

Where is the Legendary Crate?
It is located right in front of the portals at spawn. Simply walk forward from /spawn and you will see it!


I have a big surprise that will be coming out...

Hey d00ds!

This update brings in a lot of classic features as well as some awesome new perks that you can use to make your life on the server a little easier.

Virtual Tools
Virtual Tools are back. They were disabled for quite a long time due to the storage method we use being bugged. These tools include /craft, /enchanttable, /brew, and /furnace. /chest will not be returning in this update. We may introduce another /chest in the future but there is no guarantee. Please report any bugs with this feature and we will get them sorted as soon as possible.

Automatic Inventory and Chest Sorting
With this update, we are introducing the ability to automatically sort your chests and inventory with a simple command. It will also allow you to intelligently deposit all items of one type into nearby chests! If you like the mod InventoryTweaks, then this feature is for you!

Commands / Actions
Shift Left Click chests with an item you wish to deposit and the plugin will deposit all of the same type you are holding into the chest you clicked! Simple and fast storage!

Are you building something awesome and ran out of blocks in your hotbar? If you have more of the same item in your inventory, it will automatically set them into your hand. Much more efficient!

Do you have a messy inventory or chests? Whenever you open your inventory or a chest this plugin will automatically sort your items for you!

- deposits all items in your inventory into chests nearby. We recommend only using this at your base and only near chests you specifically own. We won't be replacing items that were deposited into chests you do not own so keep that in mind!

Don't like these features?
/autosort chests
- Disables the auto sort chest feature
/autosort inventory - Disables the auto sort inventory feature

Lottery and Dice Battles
Hey d00ds,

We're trying to come up with some ideas about what to add to the server to bring you more fun and exciting content! We'd love to hear some feedback from you all about what you would like to see.

Some ideas that have been suggested are as follows:
- Skyblock that resets every 4-6 months with a different theme each time
- Skyblock Tournaments that players compete to see who can get the highest island level in three week or monthly intervals
- Add rotating Minigames each month such as Spleef, Capture The Flag etc.
- Add permanent minigames such as SkyWars, EggWars, or Hunger Games
- Add more Instance content in Survival

Please let us know how you feel about any of the suggestions above or if you have other suggestions, reply and let us know! We want to make this server a place where everyone can enjoy themselves with a strong variety of content! :)

- Disc
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