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Hey d00ds!

Finally with school done for the semester I've been busy at updating/fixing/improving things on the server. I'm happy to say that the update to 1.11 has been a very smooth transition and all that's broken is Quests and Virtual Tools. Those will be updated soon too so don't worry!

Christmas Event
@TelekineticLlama and I have been extremely busy creating a Christmas event for you to all enjoy! In a matter of 4 days we created the entire event (amazing what you can do when you have time). Thanks to @Corellia, @JessikaNichole, @one_letter_shor, @Bear, ThePoke42, Ace_Of_Snakes, and everyone else who contributed to the build with Christmas trees.

You can visit Santa by going to spawn and clicking on the bed! Based on his decision you will receive a different outcome for the event. Both outcomes give the same crate reward but one will receive a bit extra! Beware that once you leave the event world, you can't come back for rewards until the following day! To leave the event type /spawn.

Nether and End Reset
Both worlds are now fresh and new!

New Legendary Items
Legendary Crates have received new items! They are an Elytra, Sword, Shears, Fishing Sword, and a Shield. You can customize the shield to your liking by combining it with a unnamed colored banner. It can't be reversed once it's been done so be sure on what banned design you're choosing!

Store Sale - 30% Off, Holiday Bundle
The store has been updated with a Holiday Combo Box. It contains 10 Enhanced Crates and 3 Legendary Keys which are given to everyone!

150 x 150 WorldGuard regions are available again for a limited time!

Ranks and a few other items are 30% off except for a few things!

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday! More...
Hey everyone,

Based on popular vote, the Nether and End will be resetting on Monday December 19th.

Fly and Elytras will still be enabled but I will allow you to purchase Elytras and other End items from the Dungeon Shop and with regular currency because it will get raided quickly.

I'll be giving more details about that after my finals are finished but for right now, I'm still in the middle of them.

Also, Vote Crates have been updated with 12 new Christmas/Winter Cosmetics and a bundle with new Legendary Crate items will be available later in the month!

That's all for today!


Hey d00ds,

From now until Tuesday November 29th, all Ranks are 30% off and Crates/Boosters are 20% off. If you are interested in upgrading your rank or getting some sweet cosmetics at a discount, now is the time!

Just a reminder, if you're upgrading to or purchasing Beacon, upgrade to Obsidian first and then Beacon! That way the discount will apply!

For those of you who celebrated Thanksgiving, I hope it was great and that you had fun with your families.

1.11 update is being worked on.

- Disc
Hey d00ds,

Small little update today!

As I begin to prepare the server for 1.11 updates, how would we feel about a reset of the End and the Nether? I'd like to be able to reset them roughly right after the update to give you all new worlds to explore. Spigot has updated to 1.11 and I've begun testing to see what is broken and what will need to be replaced in terms of plugins. I'm hoping to be updated fully to 1.11 by the first week of December. Then I'll shift my focus to Christmas related things so you d00ds can have some fun!

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