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Hey everyone!

Exciting news - I'm posting to let everyone know that a map reset will be happening soon. I'm sure you are all well aware that Minecraft will be updating to 1.12 in the coming future (currently on pre-release 5). My goal is to have the server ready for resetting before that version is released. As far as I'm aware there isn't a set release date so if the server is ready before then, I'll reset anyway and update to 1.12 later on.

Now for those of you who haven't been around for a server reset before or if you just want to know what the term "reset" means, I'll outline it below.

Things that will get reset:
  • The server map will be generated with a new seed and be completely new (you can download the old one, don't worry)
  • McMMO, money, items, and homes are reset.
  • Tier Ranks will be set to half of their original value (If you were Tier Z you will be Tier M, Tier Y -> Tier L, etc.)
Things that don't get reset:
  • McMMO credits
  • Ranks (Iron, Gold, Sponsor, etc.)
  • Pokemon Cards (you'll be able to save and transfer these)
  • Your love for the server (I hope)
Things that will be reworked in the next update:
  • Tiers and their perks (these change every reset)
  • Mob Hunting
  • Quests
  • Towns
I've decided to allow you to transfer one chest per player with any items that you wish. Below you will find a list of items that are not allowed to be transferred. If you bring them to the transfer area, they will be removed from your inventory automatically. Tools/cosmetics/anything else is good to go.

Items not tranferring:
  • Diamond, Iron, Gold, Coal, Redstone, Emerald, Lapis (ores, blocks, ingots)
  • Pistons (VoteCrates)
  • Beacons, Nether Stars, Wither Skulls
  • Shulker Boxes (all colours)
Pokemon Cards
Pokemon cards are being transferred separately from items/cosmetics so do not transfer...
Hey d00ds!

I feel like I'm repeating myself every year I make this thread but I don't care because it's important (and I like writing it).

Today marks InfiniteHeights' 5th Birthday. I want to say thank you on behalf of myself and the InfiniteHeights team for a successful and fun filled year. We are still around after all these years, being one of the oldest Minecraft servers ever.

Thank you to everyone who joins each and every day, it's amazing to see how dedicated everyone is. Thank you to my staff who help keep the server intact, under control, and help me produce the awesome content we put out, you're all awesome. Thank you to everyone who submits suggestions, bug reports, votes, donates, and who just play the game we all enjoy on InfiniteHeights.

We have some fun things planned to update everyone on tomorrow so stay tuned for a thread coming then!

Thank you (again),

Hey d00ds,

Tomorrow I'll be doing some backend work on the server from 1:00pm EST and the server will be down for a couple of hours. The server will be back online once I am finished working.

Thank you for your understanding!

- Disc

In case you missed the whole adventure update, check out the release post and FAQ here:

What's up, d00ds? The Infinite Heights Adventures are making their comeback. We're all pretty excited that the IH Adventure project will be continuing with new dungeons and quests soon, but for now, here's a little bug fix and some rebalances to whet your palate.

IH Adventure Project Changelog [1/5/2017]
>> Reduced entry cost for dungeons ($500 -> $250)
>> Reduced difficulty of Shimmerleaf Grove (All mobs have had their Max HP and MoveSpeed reduced)
>> Reduced spawn rates of mobs in Instances
>> Removed Shimmerleaf Grove kill quests
>> Removed [Repair Station] signs
>> Reduced repair costs of instance equipment (Tier 6 – Tier 8 specifically)
>> Reduced difficulty of Rescue the Druid quest parkour
>> Reduced difficulty of hidden parkour puzzle
>> Added a new quest menu for Shimmerleaf Grove accessible from [Quest NPC] Piper's Sentry
>> Added Shimmerleaf Grove Research Expedition (I-IV) Quests
>> Added new loot tables in Shimmerleaf Grove to each mob for the new quests
>> Added useful information to the [Help Board]
>> Added proper hologram for repair costs at the [Repair Station]
>> Added new tools to the [Tool Tinkerer]
>> Added new totem item to the [Trinket Trader]
>> Moved [Gate Keeper] Riley closer to camp
>> Changed [Quest NPC] Piper's Sentry's skin
>> Sahara was erased...

For next IH Adventure Project Update we will be working on the following:
> New dungeon
> New quests
> Weekly PVE Events
> Era-Tech Training Facility
> Small PVP Arena
> Trophy Quests
> More potions and trinkets
> Enable MobHunter in Instances

Message from the creators:
We apologize for the wait for content being delivered to you d00ds. There were a lot of delays due to private issues and inactivity to...
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