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Hello, everyone!

InfiniteHeights has turned 6 today! I'll keep this short and sweet.

I would like to take this time to say thank you to everyone who still continues to play and enjoys their time here. Thank you to those of you who vote every day and those of you who have donated this past year.

Thank you to the staff who help everyone online and on the Discord! Your efforts to help me and others go unnoticed quite often so a big thank you to you all!

This month's Vote Crate cosmetics have been released and the Farm World has been reset. This weekend we'll be doing a few drop parties when more of you are online and we will be giving away a few birthday themed items as well!

In terms of updates, I will be posting a thread soon regarding the state of the server and asking what everyone would like to see changed or if some new additions are in order. I feel that some freshening up would be a good step so more people will become interested again. I'll have more free time in the next coming weeks to implement said suggestions. There will also be a channel created in Discord for suggestions/discussions about updates.

I hope everyone has had a great start to the year and Happy 6th Birthday to InfiniteHeights! Thank you everyone!


Hey everyone!

To celebrate this year's Halloween, I've released a Halloween scavenger hunt where you can search a haunted mansion for prizes! In order to obtain prizes you need to free all of the ghosts hidden around the mansion by right-clicking the Jack-O-Lantern heads! There are 17 heads hidden around the mansion. The prizes include some fancy new Halloween cosmetics, a fan favourite from last year, and two new custom player heads!

The event will be on until November 7th.

Hope everyone enjoys the event and that you have a safe and Happy Halloween!


Hey everyone!

After a lot of hard work and effort we've finally finished updating Instances!

Instances are now on their own separate server which you'll be able to connect to by doing /instance anywhere on InfiniteHeights. By being on their own server, it will give us more freedom and less hassle as we were experiencing in the past when trying to keep everything together on the Survival server. For now the classic dungeon Shimmerleaf Grove has returned but with many bug fixes, guaranteed drop rates, and a few other small changes that won't affect you.

The spawn has been changed slightly but will still feel very familiar to you. The weapon traders and tinkerers have been fixed and upgrading should not give anyone a hassle anymore. Quests for Shimmerleaf Grove are handled much better now and will be much more accurate when it comes to completing quests and giving rewards (no more lost money, woo). Finally a few quality of life changes have been implemented into menus, NPCs, and a Disposal sign has been added to the spawn.

These changes all came together to make a more modular and expandable system that's much more future-proof for new dungeons. Speaking of which, a second dungeon is already in the works! All I can say right now is that it's Egyptian-themed and will be out before the end of August (if all goes according to plan).

Some of you may be wondering what Instances are and may have never played them. To those of you, I will direct you to these thread which explains the system in detail! Keep in mind they may be slightly dated, if that's the case let us know and we'll fix it!


Hope you all enjoy!

Hello everyone,

I have some ideas for the next map and would like some feedback from you all. Our style of gameplay on IH has always been Survival with a small mix of RPG elements added in. What I wish to do is build further on the RPG aspect of the server.

One part of the server that I've always felt there has been a need for is the ability to create and manage towns. That being said I'm going to be implementing a plugin called Towny that will allow you all to create towns, grow them, recruit members, and earn money.

My plan is to replace LandLord, a plugin that with every Minecraft update, I have to update which can take quite a bit of my time. It causes lag and new players who join understand it after a while, but it's definitely not a commonly known feature/plugin used on servers.

Some things about Towny for those that have never used it:
  • Land is claimed in chunks just like LandLord with every aspect being protected.
  • Chunks cost the same but establishing a town costs more.
  • You can create and sell plots of land to other players who wish to join your town.
  • You can create a nation and recruit towns to be in said nation if you have enough residents.
  • Towns do have a small upkeep fee that is taxed daily, based on # of residents/size etc. (nothing too major)
  • There are commands to list every town, every resident within a town.
  • Towns create a very fun gameplay experience and they bring many people together.
  • (Custom Idea) As towns grow from residents building specific building types, they "level up" and every resident earns money.
Below you will find a video from 2012 explaining the aspects of Towny. Some things will have changed since then however the explanation is still accurate and it is the best video on Towny that I know of. The prices will be different on IH.

I would like to hear your thoughts on this idea and I will answer any questions regarding Towny as best I can.

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