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InfiniteHeights Minecraft Server

by TheeRealDuke at 7:30 PM
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D00ds, did you miss the last Three Block Challenge Livestream? Did you want to watch what happened on the livestream but couldn't or forgot or got confused because timezones? Was it on Friday but you thought Thursday? Was it Thursday but you thought Friday? Need to see what 3BC is all about? Need to see some sweet builds? Need to see who won and why?

I have what you need. In this last 3BC, TheeRealDuke and some special guest commentators hand out awards, prizes, and glory!

Here's the first part - the Judging!

The second part: the Rewards!

Need more info about the rules and stuff for 3BC? Check you out some of this:

REMEMBER! The more people that enter, the more chances there are for prizes of cash and sweet lewt!
If 6 people join, there's first through third and 1 honorable mention. More than 10? 2 honorable mentions! More than 15? 3 honorable mentions! Up...
by TheeRealDuke at 12:16 AM
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3BC I: Redstone Block Challenge!

Do /BCW to get to the Build Challenge World!

The 2nd Three Block Challenge of Season 5 is here! Judging is FRIDAY NIGHT THIS WEEK!

Plots are now larger! 13x13x13!
(Don't build outside 13x13x13!)
32 Plots available!

No Idea? Need a brief introduction? Check this out:

The Rules!
There are up to 32 builders in this challenge, and it is completely open to anyone (admins/mods/donators/new players/whomever). The point of this Challenge is to use blocks in creative and unexpected ways - the sign of a truly great builder. You are given 3 non-standard blocks and limited space, and you must make something great from...
by TelekineticLlama at 4:02 AM
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Roseria Isles Valentines Day Event

Hey d00ds! It's been about a month ago since our winter event, which I hope you d00ds enjoyed. Now it's time to kick it up a notch with our newest event coming to you from February 14th and will be going on all the way until March 14th! You have exactly one month to reclaim what was stolen, and this will take place on our very own, IH- original, event map "Roseria Isles!" Let the mayhem begin!

Discoveries has finally professed his love for the lovely and sweet Roseria! Just before she could give her answer, all the other slimes she rejected prior to this have succumb to their jealousy. Now these Heart-broken slimes and their minions, the Heartless Minotaurs, have stolen "Portions of...
by Disc at 8:47 PM
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Hey d00ds!

If you missed my three year anniversary stream I uploaded the entire thing and you can watch it above. I went into the history of IH, how it came to be, and answered some of your questions.

I would also like to say thank you to everyone who has supported InfiniteHeights these past three years. Whether you bring your friends to the community, report bugs, vote, donate or just play and enjoy the community, I'm thankful to each and every one of you.

I can't say how thankful I am for all the support and dedication the staff team have shown. You guys do a ton for me.

It boggles my mind that we've been running this long and how many of you have been a part of the community for such a long time. Thank you to all the friends I've made on this epic journey and for all the memories we have. This community is truly something I value and I wouldn't want it any other way. So congrats to all you d00ds for making it awesome!

- Disc
Server Owner
by Disc at 12:12 PM
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Hey d00ds!

Update: Due to a high number of requests, the sale will continue until February 8th! (you're awesome)

To celebrate IH turning 3 years old tomorrow, we have doubled all mcMMO experience you gain and all the vote rewards for the rest of the weekend! Over the course of the weekend we'll also have some drop parties and a few other cool things for you guys.

The store has been discounted by 15% and will remain on sale until February 2nd! donate.infiniteheightsmc.com

- Disc