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InfiniteHeights Minecraft Server


by Disc at 2:46 PM
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Hey d00ds!

Nether and End Reset Sunday November 2nd at 10:00pm EST
Mall World being removed Sunday November 9th
Helper Rank was added
Massive server content update on the way!

It's been a while since we've had a discussion regarding the worlds on the server. Many of you have been asking for a reset of the Nether and by the looks of it, the End could use a reset too! Therefore on Sunday November 2nd at 10:00pm, we're going to generate both new Nether and End worlds and retire the old worlds. Be sure to get anything important in those worlds out quickly because they won't be available for much longer!

Speaking of worlds, the Mall world has definitely seen better days. With the new coming updates I have for you guys, the mall will be rendered somewhat useless at the time. Therefore we will be retiring the mall world temporarily until we can rework our system. If you have a shop in the mall currently, please remove any items/take down your shops as the world will...
by TheeRealDuke at 7:55 PM
(2 Views / 0 Likes)
D00ds, did you miss the last Iron Builder Challenge? Did you want to watch what happened on the livestream but couldn't or forgot or got confused because timezones? Was it on Friday but you thought Thursday? Was it Thursday but you thought Friday? Need to see what Iron Builder is all about? Need to see some sweet builds? Need to see who won and why?

I have what you need. In this last IBC, TheeRealDuke and some special guest commentators hand out awards, prizes, and glory!

Here's the first part - the 1st half of the builds.

The second part: 2nd half of the builds.

The third part: judging and awards!

Need more info about the rules and stuff for IBC? Check you out some of this:

REMEMBER! The Iron Builder Challenge continues as long as there are builders to take the challenge on! This means 1 round or 2 rounds... or 5 rounds if...
by Disc at 10:52 AM
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Hey d00ds!

I wanted to let you know that I've added some more 1.8 features and fixes to the server this morning. As you were well aware, the 1.8 update caused anvils and enchanting tables to break and you had to go to 1.7 in order to use them. This has now been fixed.

In addition to these fixes, some more things have been added:
- The new mobs added in this update now spawn naturally (rabbits, endermites etc.)
- Armour Stands
- Banner fixes (Cauldrons, crafting, etc.)

In other news, the Spigot team released some news that they will be updating Spigot to 1.8 so we will not have to wait for Sponge to be released before we fully update to 1.8 ourselves. Since it is such a large update, the team stated that they would like to have a build out for late November/December. This update is very large and complex and they are taking their time to make sure that everything will work perfectly!

Thanks d00ds, more to come later this week! ;)

- Disc

Server Owner
by TheeRealDuke at 11:00 PM
(85 Views / 0 Likes)
3BC VII: The Prismarine Challenge!

NEW WARP! Do /BCW to get to the Build Challenge World!

The 6th Three Block Challenge of Season 4 is here! Judging is SATURDAY NIGHT THIS WEEK!

There's a new plot design for this season, and a new introduction video, so check it out!
THERE ARE NEW PLACES, PRIZES, AND AWARDS! Look for the "*NEW*"s below for details!

Plots are now larger! 13x13x13!
(Don't build outside 13x13x13!)
32 Plots now available!

No Idea? Need a brief introduction? Check this out:

The Rules!
There are up to...
by TheeRealDuke at 10:24 PM
(14 Views / 0 Likes)
IBC III: Friday 10/24 9PM (GMT-4)!

Do /BCW to get to the Build Challenge World!

Due to special circumstances, this IBC will be on the interim week before the next 3BC!

---------- Every PAC now has a 2 week build window. That middle weekend? IBC! ----------

The First IBC lasted almost 3 hours, and was a relentless assault on the Iron Builders... Slicks77 in particular. They're not invincible and the prizes are great! Join the Head 2 Head fun!
*NEW* No Idea? Need a brief introduction? Check this out: *NEW*

The Rules!

  1. 15 minute time limit
  2. ANY blocks may be used, including redstone contraptions,...