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InfiniteHeights Minecraft Server

by TheeRealDuke at 10:58 PM
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PAC Introduction Video!

Pixel Art Challenge (PAC) V - The WINTER WONDERLAND Challenge!

Last Build Challenge of Season 4 and 2014!

Judging is 12/19 Judging is 12/19Judging is 12/19Judging is 12/19Judging is 12/19Judging is 12/19

What is it? Well it’s not 100% technically pixel art, it’s kind of pixel art with some improvements/layers/depth. And it’s a build challenge.

Where is it? It’s in the Build Challenge World, follow the signs! Just do /bcw to get there!

What’s the point? Well it’s a build challenge so… If you don’t know the point, keep trying.

What do we make? Each PAC will be based around a theme, and they will be judged partially on how well your creation...
by TheeRealDuke at 2:05 AM
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3BC IX: The Polished Diorite Challenge!

NEW WARP! Do /BCW to get to the Build Challenge World!

The 9th Three Block Challenge of Season 4 is here! Judging is FRIDAY NIGHT THIS WEEK!

There's a new plot design for this season, and a new introduction video, so check it out!
THERE ARE NEW PLACES, PRIZES, AND AWARDS! Look for the "*NEW*"s below for details!

Plots are now larger! 13x13x13!
(Don't build outside 13x13x13!)
32 Plots now available!

No Idea? Need a brief introduction? Check this out:

The Rules!
There are up to 32 builders in this challenge, and it is completely open to anyone...
by Disc at 1:21 AM
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Wassup d00ds?

Right now everything in the store is 25% off until November 29th at 1:00am EST. That gives you 24 hours to take advantage of this amazing offer!

Store Link: donate.infiniteheightsmc.com

Thanks d00ds!

- Disc

*excluding Beacon rank as it is only for those who wish to support the server and does not provide any perks.
by Disc at 11:16 AM
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Since the vote party feature I added has been so popular, I'm giving you all the opportunity to submit suggestions for some of the rewards that you can receive. Most of the rewards are money, diamonds, iron ingots, gold ingots and a few enchanted tools. Let's make things more creative!

Rewards can be named as well so come up with some funny and creative names for them!

You can post your suggestions below and I will look them over and add some of them! Nothing too OP please!
by Disc at 2:36 PM
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Hey d00ds!

As you can tell, I've pushed a massive amount of updates on the server this weekend and I hope you're all enjoying them.

Now for a little back story regarding the update. When 1.8 was originally released, the staff and I had a meeting regarding what we would like to bring to the community. We devised and planned out a large update including games, a spawn, and a few more features that I can't talk about right now. However since we were waiting for a 1.8 update for the developers of Spigot/Craftbukkit/etc. we didn't have anything to do! We were at a standstill for a while because I wanted to wait for 1.8 as many of the updates revolved around it. I got fed up with waiting because I didn't want to see people saying they were bored or didn't feel like playing.

I took from about mid October to last week to pool all of the content the staff and I discussed and figured out what was most important and then completely revised it. After a lot of work I finally created something...